Affordable Small Business Marketing Packages

Hello, Small Business Owner (or Future Owner),

We kinda hate online marketing too (but enjoy using the anger and self-hatred to fuel design projects on the side), but at this point in civilization, the majority of consumers search for everything from reviews to directions of a business before heading there for the first time. You're reading this for a reason, and we can help you.

Even local shops in small towns have to consider the online aspect of marketing now in our increasingly connected world- for example, a road traveler can now plan his entire drive on Google Maps in a way that he can include driving directions to specific stores or restaurants to take his family on their annual road trip... provided he can find it on there and the reviews don't scare him away!

Something a lot of folks don't realize is that Google and other search engines don't have any obligation to tell everyone where your business is - you or someone who loves/hates your business has to tell them.

Gone are the days of shady backlinking and keyword spamming - we will bring you results with a purely whitehat approach to online marketing, and tailor it to your demographic and region.

Affordable Small Business Marketing Packages -

Need a plan that's perfect for a local shop/restaurant/service and easy to manage without needing computer skills? 

Try our "Blogger for Business" package:

Blogger for Business Small Business Marketing Package $599

Logo + Card Design
5 Page Informational Blogger Website with SEO Planning
Google Maps Placement
1 Month of Consultation and Support (10 hours)
Customized Google Adwords Campaign
Social Media Integration - Twitter, Facebook, Review Sites (Hassle-Free Maintenance)
Related & Engaging Content Creation Strategy and Support (If Appropriate.)


Social Media Business Package

Planning: $250 Flat Fee (Included in Small Business Marketing Package)
Account Management: $200/mo