Simple Post Title Hack for Blogger SEO

A Simple SEO Boost for Individual Blogger/Blogspot Posts & Pages

The Title of any page on Google's SERP (search engine results pages) is limited to 70 characters, but by default, any result for your Blogger page will come up with your Blog's title first, regardless of page or post. However, this is not ideal to get your individual pages ranked, as they might have a different keyword focus from one another.

This little tip will have the individual page/post's title supersede the site's title, allowing for better rankings for different keyword searches.

No need to worry about the technical details - It's a simple replacement of the<head> tag with a short bit of javascript:


Clever Gym Flyer Ad (Funny)

"Anything you haven't seen lately?" works here because "Have you seen your schlong lately, lardbutt?" just sounds too harsh. But hey, get reunited with your favorite body part for just 17.99 a month, tubby!
Prey on male insecurities. Nicely done, Fit4less!